March 3, 2020 – Pleasanton Voters Reject Measure M

Thank You everyone who fought to keep our schools excellent without resorting to irresponsible tax increases!  YOU did it!  FYI, the “Yes” committee raised over $95,000 to get Measure M to pass and failed.  In contrast, this website cost under $20.

Too Soon – Another New Tax on Pleasanton

  • We just approved a bond tax! $530M Measure I1 passed in Nov 2016
  • The projects from I1 are not complete, many not started.
  • The money from I1 is not yet spent. PUSD is still holding reserves.
  • Now “Measure M” wants to tax you an additional $660,849,125.

Too Much – $1.2 Billion in Debt

  • $660M (Measure M) + $530M (Measure I1) will bring our new school debt to $1.2 BILLION
  • With Measure M, Taxpayers will pay $660M, but schools only get $323M. That’s 49 cents / dollar.
  • 51% of the tax money goes to Wall Street profits, not the students.
  • The costs of issuing the bonds are hundreds of thousands in consultants and fees.

Too Vague – No Plan, Just Ambiguous Lists

  • Measure M does NOT define actual projects where the money will be spent. Just a generic list
  • Oversight committee can’t oversee plans that are too vague or don’t exist.


We all want great schools. We all want what’s best for our kids and community, which is why we recommend a NO vote on Measure M!

“Too Soon, Too Much, Too Vague!” Vote NO on Measure M on March 3rd.