Measure I1

Voters approved Measure I1 in November 2016. This initiative allowed PUSD to borrow $271,000,000 for various school district projects. The PUSD resolution authorizing the Measure I1 election is here. Measure I1 cost updates can be found here.

Measure I1 — This is what voters approved in 2016.

“To repair and upgrade aging classrooms and facilities at local
schools; provide 21st-century learning technology and facilities;
improve school safety and security; update science labs; improve
energy and water efficiency; renovate, construct, and acquire
classrooms, equipment and facilities; and construct a new
elementary school, shall Pleasanton Unified School District issue
$270,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with independent citizen
oversight, annual audits, all funds used for local schools, and no
money used for administrators’ salaries?”

PUSD Board Approved a project list is here.

Project Status Measure I1

Completed Projects:

  • Paid off $15M in Debt 
  • Classroom Technology 
  • Devices for Instructional Staff
  • Devices for Students
  • Security Fencing  at 3 schools
  • Technology & Network Infrastructure  at 7 l;ocations

In Progress Projects (in planning, design or implementation):

  • Lydiksen Elementary School Rebuild & Modernization
  • New Elementary School – E10
  • School Portable Replacement & New Science Labs
  • Roofing Repairs & HVAC Upgrade
  • Classroom Technology 
  • Audio-Visual hardware to support instruction in all classrooms
  • Technology & Network Infrastructure at 9 locations
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Security Fencing  at 4 locations

Future Projects:

  • Fire Alarm System Upgrades
  • Security System Upgrades
  • New Security Cameras

Measure I1 Links

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